After School Enrollment & Tuition


We accept applications year-round for our After School Program.

During the school year, we are open until 6 PM. We follow the Wellesley school calendar for holiday closings, snow days, and winter and summer vacation. We accommodate all early release days, and some additional days when schools are closed. We also offer programs during February and April vacation weeks. Vacation weeks are separately contracted.


Parents/Guardians sign contracts for the school year. We require a non-refundable $300 deposit when contracts are signed. All children must have an updated Enrollment Packet each school year.

Enrollment is done in blocks. One block is a three-hour period from either 12-3 PM (Wednesdays only) or from 3-6 PM. We require parents to sign a contract for a minimum of two days per week. Because every Wednesday is an early dismissal day for elementary students, a full-time schedule is six blocks each week.

Current 2018-2019 Monthly Tuition Rate:

  • 2 blocks… $445
  • 3 blocks… $530
  • 4 blocks… $614
  • 5 blocks… $695
  • 6 blocks… $774
  • Extra Block Rate: $45 per block
  • Vacation Day Rate: $90 per day

Upcoming 2019-2020 Monthly Tuition Rate:

  • 2 blocks… $449
  • 3 blocks… $535
  • 4 blocks… $620
  • 5 blocks… $702*
  • 6 blocks… $782*
  • Extra Block Rate: $45 per block
  • Vacation Day Rate: $105 per day
  • Application Fee: $50 per child
  • Registration Fee: $10 per child annually
  • Discount for sibling attending full-time:
    • 5 Blocks: $50 per month
    • 6 blocks: $100 per month


WCCC accepts Massachusetts state vouchers. If you have questions or if you believe you qualify, please call the Community Care For Kids to get on the list for a voucher at 617-471-6473. WCCC offers some limited, need-based financial aid.  Please request a financial aid application to apply. The application process is confidential.


In 2018-2019, WCCC’s After School Program operates the following sites:

  • Bates Site: serves kindergarten, first, and second graders from Bates, Hunnewell, and Upham
  • Fiske Site: serves kindergarten through fifth graders from Fiske
  • Hardy Site: serves kindergarten through fifth graders from Hardy
  • Schofield Site: serves kindergarten through fifth grader from Schofield
  • Sprague Site: serves kindergarten through third graders from Sprague
  • Upham Site: serves fourth and fifth graders from Bates, Hunnewell, and Upham, and third and fourth graders from Sprague