Time Capsule

Have you ever heard of a time capsule or a memory box? A time capsule or memory box is a container or special box that holds present day items, such as photos, newspapers, letters, pictures and more. It’s typically hidden away for your future. So in a few years you can open it back up […]

Lima Beans on the Move!

We hope you are enjoying the long weekend! I noticed over the weekend that my lima bean has sprouted some leaves! This means that my lima bean is ready to be transferred to soil. I am transferring my bean into a pot to keep indoors for now because I need to clear a space outside […]


It seems like it has taken a long time, but our caterpillars are finally in the chrysalis stage! bring out your butterfly journal that you started with the caterpillars last week. This entry will be about the chrysalis. Attached you can find a picture of what they look like. You can take a close look […]


Today we are going to talk about measuring! We all have a tape measure that came with the grass and lima bean growing project we dropped off, so we thought it would be fun to use the tape measure in other ways! First, listen to “Inch By Inch” by Leo Lioni Second, let’s go on […]