If you watched the video of the special delivery at my house, you might have guessed that inside the box was caterpillars! Five very small caterpillars were delivered to my house! Our plan is to watch and learn as the caterpillars turn into butterflies. I will keep you updated! We have activities along the way […]

Fairy Houses!

Have you ever heard of a fairy house? Have you ever seen one outside?Today we are going to explore fairy houses and create one of our own! 1. There are two books below that will be a nice way to learn more about them. 2. We can brainstorm materials that are needed. Here are some things […]

Make Your Own Chalk

What You’ll Need: 3 cups of cornstarch 4-6 colors of food coloring 3 cups of water – use more or less depending on desired consistency of chalk 4-6 plastic bowls or a 6 cup muffin tin Paint brushes What To Do:** this recipe can be made with smaller or larger amounts – just use equal […]